Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Good Day.

A great big thanks to all the ladies who came out today to spend their Sunday with Debbie & I working on their calendars.  I had a wonderful time teaching, laughing & having fun.  It was a lot of hard work...

...but it was worth it.  Now imagine...think of these kits...times 20 students...times 12 months. 
Man, that's a lot of paper!

Everyone worked hard to stay on task.  (You know how women can be...all chatty & giggley!)

These two ladies did me proud!  They were doing two kits at the same time.  Talk about dedication.

See Debbie way down the end?  She was on her break.  I didn't get a break...I'm just sayin.  HA!

Now I'm home and hubby & child are making me dinner.  BBQ chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans & iced tea.  I've got the life!  Happy Sunday!


HockeyScrap said...

Wait a sec . . . you didn't have a break? There was that morning time making kits (that was making at 3:00 a.m. Saturday) and there was the time where you were making your red little envelopes . . . and there was lunch . . . I'm just saying!

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Yay I found your blog!!! I was in the store a couple weeks ago talking to you about my cards!!! So happy to see you ladies have a blog!!!

Edleen said...

looks great! everyone must have had so much fun :)