Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

It is indeed.  Days 1 thru 7 of my "25 Days of Christmas Countdown" have been nothing short of amazing.  I have enjoyed every bit of it!

Day 1 was filled with excitement as I informed my family & friends about my acceptance back to UCONN!  After many-a-year, I took some time in November deciding if it was the best decision for me and if it was the right time to go back and finish my degree.  My answers came.  And starting in January, I will be a full-time student studying for my Bachelors of Science in Psychology.  Go Huskies!

Day 2 was family night...a very important component to the Schimanski household.  We took a drive to Springfield, MA to see "Bright Nights"...a drive-thru light spectacular.  Complete with hot cocoa, of course!

Day 3 was super fun: Movie Night at our church.  The night's premire event: The Polar Express

Days 4 was spent baking treats for a cookie swap with friends.  I am much more of a "chocolatier" I made CAKEBALLS instead of cookies.

Day 5: spent with friends old & new.  A yummy potluck, a cookie swap and belly laughs.  Jen, you were the perfect hostess! 

Day 6 brought joy to my heart.  I spent the evening with my in-laws as we watched my son and fellow band members put on a winter concert.  This year Andrew is playing both the clarinet & the saxaphone.  That boy makes a mama proud!

Day 7 was spent with a friend buying gifts for people in need at our church.  She has a daughter Andrew's age and the two of them enjoy hanging out with each other.  They both came along as we shopped and tried to pick out the perfect gifts.  Before we left for Target, I snapped this shot of the setting Decemeber sky:

Merry Christmas blog readers!  Thanks for following along on my first week!  Hope yours was just as delightful!