Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well it's Thursday...& I am getting antsy!

I have been couped up in the house all week since my boy is still ill, and it is getting to me! But thankfully, he is finally starting to feel better, so back to school he goes tomorrow. Thank God!

My hubby went on an overnight trip o ME, NH, VT & the Cape last night...he won't be home until late tonight. I didn't sleep very well because the pooch was on "high alert" and kept barking at every little noise he heard. I think I am a little cranky...

Still going strong with my walking challenge. I was proud of hubby last night...he got on the treadmill at the hotel to keep up with me. I feel so much better when I am done...the hardest part is reminding myself how good I feel when I exercise. If I can continue to remember that, I will succeed!

I spent a good part of the morning going thru scrapping & crafting magazines. I have pulled out all of the pages that I am interested in & have recycled the rest. Helps to save on space & to focus on just what I like. Experts say...if you don't love it or need it, toss it! Speaking of toss it, I was able to spend a total of 30 minutes cleaning my crafting space yesterday. I found bare table! Another 30 mins today & I might find the second table...maybe even an entirely clean floor free of piles! That would be FAB!

The store will be featured on "Better Connecticut" tomorrow morning with Scot Haney. Due to my son's illness, I was stuck home & was unable to be a part of the taping. However, I will be DVRing the show for my hubby to watch. So for all of you who are interested, turn your tv on @ 10am tomorrow morning to WFSB 3. The second half of the segment runs Monday. I'll be stewing in my lost glory as a tv star...

Today's Goals:

1 mile in 20 mins
1 min 45 sec on eliptical (God help me!)
vitamins...still haven't got that one down yet
30 more mins in my office
clean downstairs bathroom
work on brother-in-law's album

This is Cranky Christy signing off (until tomorrow folks!)
Ta Ta!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another Balmy January Day...

...and I am home with a sick child. He was up at 2:30am this morning with a burning fever. He said, "Mommy, I am so so hot, and my throat is hot too." Poor little breaks my heart when the little ones are feel so helpless. He is staying home again today to get some much needed rest.

I have work to do here at home for the store...working on March & April class schedules so I will be atleast somewhat productive today. It will also help make up some of the time I have lost.

Watched "Biggest Loser" last night ~ one part made me break down in tears. Jillian took Neil aside to talk with him when he had just about given up. She said that he has built up this "wall of weight" that he hides behind & that if he sheds all of those lbs, there will be nothing left for him to hide behind & he'll have no more excuses for not accomplishing things in his life. WOW! That segment when straight to my soul. I can see it being true for both me & for hubby. It was a real wake-up call! And so I push on...

Had a nice chat with my dear friend yesterday afternoon. She really understands my failure to keep my office/craft room clean & organized. Many of my gal friends seem to share this dilemma. And since my husband brought the subject to light, I am going to make an effort on getting a handle on time-management & organizing. Wish me luck!

Today's Goals:

3/4 mile in 15 mins on treadmill
1 1/2 mins on eliptical (yesterday's segment nearly killed me!)
vitamins (I missed this one yesterday...I will take them at lunchtime today)
continue to eat healthy
1 hour (max) working on getting some organization in my room in 15 min increments
another nap with sickly child (he felt better when he woke up from the one yesterday)

Have a great day my friends!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


...or so my husband says! My office/scrap/craft room looks like a tornado blew thru it (and left piles throughout.) I was on track for taking pics of my wares last evening BUT my battery for my camera decided it was tired & took a nap. By the time I got back to taking pics, it was so late & I had no time for editing & posting. We'll try again today.

So, back to "SHE IS A MESS" story. I think I must have a smidge of seems I cannot finish one thing before going on to the next. I have half-started half-finished things all around, I have no organizational skills (funny because this is the ONLY room in the house where this trait applies...the rest of my house is in order...hmmmm?) and I can't seem to get myself going. Which leads to another story...

Why am I so tired all of the time??? I wake up tired, I am tired during the day, I go to bed tired. No matter how much or how little I sleep, what time I go to bed, what time I get up...I am ALWAYS TIRED! :( I am hoping that with this walking challenge I will see a difference in my energy levels soon. I am tired of being tired.

My poor boy is home sick today...under the weather I suppose. He has a barky cough, bags & purple circles under his eyes & is just misreable. I am sure he is run down just like the rest of us & needs a "mental health day." I can relate...

Ok...enough is my list for today:

Today's Goals:
walk 3/4 mile on treadmill in 13 mins
1 1/2 mins on eliptical
eat healthy...NO WHITE STUFF (I did GREAT yesterday)
take vitamins
finishing editing pics for etsy posts
etsy posts
nap (yes...I am scheduling in a nap...with my sickly child)


Monday, January 7, 2008

On the road to Health & Becoming Active in 2008

After yet another depressing conversation with some friends on Saturday about health, fitness & weight loss, I went home feeling awful. So on Sunday my hubby & I decided to commit ourselves to becoming active & getting healthy in '08. For years we have both struggled with our weight, and now we are both facing health issues due to the extra lbs. we carry. I downloaded the "Ultimate Walking Challenge" featured in the WW magazine last year. I am excited to get healthy!

Another goal for me this year to is really work hard on my crafting projects. I dabble all year long between knitting, painting, paper crafting, scrapping (and on & on) and this year I would love to get myself organized & to be productive. I intend to sell my wares on a little website called Later tonight I will be posting my creations thus far...check them out @

Today's goals:

start the walking challenge ~ 1/2 mile in 10 mins (I did this already)
1 minute on the eliptical (I did this too!)
NO WHITE white sugar, no white flour, no trans fats (so far so good)
post my wares on etsy (will do this before dinner)

I am off to a GREAT start!