Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Finally Here!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Thank you Vanessa for making my mantle look so good!

Vanessa taught this amazing banner class two years ago and I still hang it out every year.  I love it.

We got to play with Stickles and ink.

And die cuts and chipboard stickers.

And ribbons too!

And no spider would be complete without the googley eyes!

This afternoon we carved our pumpkins and we're all set for our trick-or-treaters. 
Wishing you a very safe & happy halloween. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kind Of Like Kermit The Frog...

...well...almost.  Remember how he says "it's not easy being green?"  Well, I'm not green, but it's not easy.  Being famous that is.  It's hard work.  Now, I may not be as famous as some people...Kermit, Craigy Ferg, Bon Jovi, or Queen Vanna, but I'm famous enough.  The NY girls at the store tonight knew who I was...the chic with the blonde side-ways hair.  And people tell me they read this blog-o-mine.  So, in my mind, I've got peeps.  I've got friendies.  And that makes me famous!  (Remember my tv appearance??)

In my last post I promised pics of my other Halloween layouts.  Truth be told, I forgot my camera.  All week.  I FINALLY remembered it today and was able to take these shots.  I hope you enjoy...I myself just love these layouts.  And it's all because I love My Minds Eye products.  See for yourself:

This will be the layout I use for the trick-or-treating pics I take.  These little costume people are

Their eyes just make me giggle!

My Minds rock!

Here is the second layout I did from the leftovers of the 1st.  I'm thinking I might use it for the pumpkin carving pics I'll take tomorrow:

Not too shabby for just using leftovers, huh?

Wouldn't these guys look great with some pumpkin carving photos?

Even the CROW is stinkin' cute!  Did I mention that I love this line?

I'm sad that Halloween is almost here, and that it will be over soon.  But I've got two days before it all comes to an end, so I'll see what else I can crank out before then.  And so, to all my peeps out there...HAPPY HALLO-WEENIE! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Feeling Inspired

I had some creative mojo this weekend.  I was really digging the Halloween theme and that feeling really came out in my projects.  Here's just a sampling of what I did:

A few weeks back a received a "freebie" from Part Time Sally.  If you placed an order over $20, you received a Halloween goodie including papers, rub ons, ribbon & a mini album from Cosmo Cricket.  Here's what I did with my loot: 
The rub ons went on so smooth...just like "butta!" 

I had been saving these little spiders from an earlier Little Yellow Bicycle collection. 
He looks so cute on the web!

This velvet-y purple scalloped ribbon was great to work with. 

I can't wait to add this year's pics to it!

Echo Park Paper has a nifty little challenge going on right now.  I'm trying to win (of course!) so I just submitted this layout on their Facebook fan page:

I really loved working with their Halloween collection. 

I am a sucker for foam pop dots.  My pages gotta have dimension!

I added a pop dot to my spider spooky!

I've got some projects to showcase tomorrow using the My Mind's Eye Halloween collections.  Stay tuned scrappy friends.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've Finally Got Something Worth Saying... I'm gonna say it.  HA!  Really, to tell you the truth, it's just been very busy around these parts.  Not that all of you haven't been busy...I'm just sayin'.

For those of you who follow my crazy antics on Facebook, you probably know that we went to my hubby's sister's wedding last weekend.  A little bit of car trouble (a check engine light & a flat tire...just not all at once), a craft show:

some corn:

and a BEATUTIFUL ceremony.  It was a great weekend!

My sister-in-law and her new hubby OJ.  Congrats!

This past weekend was just as busy.  My busy little nephew Michael turned 5 on Sunday.  My sister threw him a cuper cute Halloween birthday party.  All his little friends from daycare came to celebrate:

(You can tell I am getting older when I start to twitch over 6 little five-year olds!)

We had witches and cowgirls...

...and Batman & soldiers...

...a Gladiator (this is Andrew...the "big" kid cousin)

...and a vampire!  Michael, you look so spooky!  Happy Birthday!

I love being the "crafty aunt."  I get to make cool little things for the kids.  And since Andrew is getting older, I take every opportunity I can.  I made these cute little owl-treat bags for the birthday kids:

I don't know about the kids, but I know the moms really loved them!  I borrowed the idea from here

Next, I getting ready to go away for a weekend scrap event in MA.  I haven't really worked on my own albums all year, and I think my family is starting to notice.  Andrew asked me if I was ever going to put together anymore Disney albums.  (We've been 11 times and I have one album completed.  Yikes!)  So, the plan is to make up kit packs & spend the whole weekend scrapping.  We'll see how much I get done...sometimes my need to socialize gets in the way!  Wish me luck!