Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Good Ending to the Week...A good Beginning to the Next...

Tuesday was just crazy...crazy I tell you. Despite that, I finally had a chance to show off my "pride & joy" (my store-NESC) to my dear dear friend Sue. :) Since she had never stopped by the store, I had the opportunity to give her the grand tour. It was fun showing her around, showing off all the great products we carry & showing her where we hold our crops. We haven't spent much time together so it was a nice treat!

Tuesday night I was up late getting ready for my class that I was to be teaching Wednesday morning. Thank goodness there was no school delay. Once I got over my hump of craziness, I was off Friday, Saturday & Sunday. This gave me time to get some of my personal things done (like pay bills, clean, etc.) I received a very nice card from another dear friend, Paula. She always knows just the right thing to do or say. Over the past 4+ years, she has always been there when I have needed her the most. Thanks Paula for all that you do & say & for carrying me in your heart!

I rounded out my week with a fun-filled day scrapping with my friends at the senior center here in town. We had an amazing lunch & dinner & I had such a great day with my friends. My new friend Julie & her daughter were there along with Cookie, Sue & Amy. Thanks gals for such a fun time!

Sunday proved to be just as fun. I started out my week by spending the day shopping with Queenie. We hit a couple of the scrapbook stores down on the shore & then went to AC Moore in Orange for some craft-goodies. Bless her little heart for pushing me & motivaing me to "craft away." She is the secret to my mild success. Queenie, I couldn't do this without ya! :) I owe you!

Amy & I have big plans this week to get our butts in gear & stop the excuses. She promises to email me everyday & I promise to email her back to keep each other on track for healthy eating & so on. We both made a commitment to Sue...and it seems only Sue has kept to her end of the deal. Here's to multi vitamins, healthy eating, lots of water, no soda & some exercise! Come on Amy...we can do it!

10:05pm & I have some craftin' to do before I hit the pillow. Sweet dreams my peeps!