Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And...So How Did It Go?

Let me tell you...

The owner of the store is fantastic...she's a peach to work for! I feel right at home with all of the paper and embellies and ribbon. There are (of course) things I have to the register (we use different software than what I am used to), where things are, store polices, etc. But all in all, it's just grand.

Today I helped this nice lady (she's 80 but doesn't look a day over 65!) help start her scrapbooking adventure. She had never done scrapping before but wanted to put together something with her pics from the pageant she was just in. (CA is so different from back east!) We have one-on-one sessions that a person can sign up for, and since there were 3 of us on today (and me being the newbie) I was asked to help her out by the owner. What a sweet lady! But I felt confident & comfortable helping her start her book.

I talked with the owner about teaching classes and she was excited about the idea. I will be teaching in Sept and the woman I helped today wants to sign up already! I think I'll continue to teach once a month...just like at NESC. :)

For only working 4 hours and being all excited...I am pooped!

AND...I have only 2 more Just Scrappin' Happy Page Kits hurry on over here if you still want one...cuz they're going...going...going...