Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Scrap Challenge

Here is a post I found from

"Our calendars are being formed for the new month so right now, get it out and write in at least one hour a week for designated scrapbooking time. Yes you can find it. It is there. Plan for it. Write it in and DO it. SO you have to give up reruns of CSI or Friends....No more wishful thinking....grab that time before it slips away. Make your time work for you. Use those supplies like papers and stickers. Zip out a few pages. Your family really does NOT want to have to dispose of 3 carts full of paper at an estate sale after you are gone....They would much rather look over your finished albums full of treasured memories. Ü"

And this is why I am scrapping a layout a day. Today, I completed 3 more:

These stem from a page kit from Sarah Milne of Scenic Route. She was teaching a class back in September at the CKC Convetion in Hartford. Vanna & I were her TA's. She was so thoughtful. For all of our hard work, she rewarded us with this lovely class kit! Three more layouts...DONE! (I am ahead one layout for the month...woohoo me!)


Anonymous said...

i was gonna say - HEY! i have those layouts!! =D you GO with your scrapbookin' self!!