Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where have I been???

It has been some time since I have chatted with my bloggers...where has the time gone? With so much to do these days, I don't have a spare second! My poor child has been ill a few times, I have been workin' my tail off at the store & life has just gotten crazy!

Now that I have a free moment, let me tell you how much fun we had celebrating Andrew's 9th birthday @ Disney World! (Yes, we were just there in October, but as you all know, I just CAN'T stay away!) Anyway, we had booked the trip before Christmas & kept it a secret the entire time until the day we left for FL. Andrew had NO IDEA! Let me tell you, it was the best birthday ever (so he says!) The accommodations were fabulous (we were upgraded to a suite with full kitchen, jacuzzi tub, washer/dryer, living room AND full private balcony overlooking Downtown Disney!) We spent the first day at Magic Kingdom, the second at Animal Kingdom, the next day we went shopping & hung around the resort and on Sunday spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. It was the best trip ever!

I have been busy crafting for both the store & myself. You can catch some of my creations on my little site:
I have to say, I owe most of my motivation to my friend Queen Vanna! Catch her site:
She has really been pushing me to get my act together & get my stuff on the etsy site. Thanks Queenie! I couldn't do it without ya...and our talks till midnight!

Another venture Queenie has gotten me on is flickr. Check me out @:
It is here we post some of creations, family pics, and whatever else we feel like. Check out some of the Disney photos there, along with my newest crafting ideas.

With all of the stress, I have to admit I put on a few lbs (is 10 still considered a few?) Anyway, I have gotten back on track & have dropped 6 of those. It is hard, especially when your sister invites you over for dinner & she is serving ribs with pan roasted potatoes, sour cream, macaroni salad, corn & homemade brownies for dessert. Yikes! I know that I ate too much tummy knows it too! Back on track for tomorrow!

Speaking of health, this weekend has really been yucky for me. Last night my hubby came to kiss me goodnight & told me I was burnin' up...I knew I didn't feel great & was cold but had no idea about the fever. And as I sit here know typing, I have an earache in my right ear. I hope I am not coming down with anything! I already missed a Disney scrapbooking class this morning...I have another class tomorrow. And church. I hope I get better!

I have babbled on long enough. For those of you who actually read this, I will be back on track for keep up with me if you would like! Nitey Night all!


vanna said...

hope you're sleeping now, and not waiting for my emails!! rest up girlie, i've got lots to show you tomorrow!! (and thanks for the mention, yer sweet!) =)