Monday, January 7, 2008

On the road to Health & Becoming Active in 2008

After yet another depressing conversation with some friends on Saturday about health, fitness & weight loss, I went home feeling awful. So on Sunday my hubby & I decided to commit ourselves to becoming active & getting healthy in '08. For years we have both struggled with our weight, and now we are both facing health issues due to the extra lbs. we carry. I downloaded the "Ultimate Walking Challenge" featured in the WW magazine last year. I am excited to get healthy!

Another goal for me this year to is really work hard on my crafting projects. I dabble all year long between knitting, painting, paper crafting, scrapping (and on & on) and this year I would love to get myself organized & to be productive. I intend to sell my wares on a little website called Later tonight I will be posting my creations thus far...check them out @

Today's goals:

start the walking challenge ~ 1/2 mile in 10 mins (I did this already)
1 minute on the eliptical (I did this too!)
NO WHITE white sugar, no white flour, no trans fats (so far so good)
post my wares on etsy (will do this before dinner)

I am off to a GREAT start!


queenvanna said...

you go girl, i know you can do it!! no white stuff?!?! that's just crazy talk...