Friday, March 23, 2012

Being My Own Boss Means... means I can go out for lunch with a friend.  Take a nap.  Catch up on Facebook posts.  Read a good book. 

It also means self-discipline.  Hard work.  Long hours.  Making choices.  This was not the part I was prepared for...

Setting a "schedule" seems to be a struggle for me.  With hubby traveling so much for work, and the boy busy with band commitments, church activities, school projects and such, I find myself never really being able to work a "9-5" type of day.

So, while I'm finding my way on this new full-time journey, I hope you'll be patient.  I hope you'll be excited...big things are coming!

Here's just a "snipet" of what's on down the road:

I'm SUPER THRILLED to be joining Angela for her Crafting Blog Hop next month.  Check out her amazing work here.

I've also been talking with wonderful scrapbooking event planners and getting set-up to vend at some events in New England.  I've firmed up plans with Susan from Croptopia Getaways and will joining her and her amazing team for events coming this summer...and thru the fall.  I'm beyond EXCITED!

I'm getting ready to do another local event this weekend, helping to raise money to help March of Dimes and the Relay for Life campaign here in northwest CT.  Plus, I'll be vending at another firehouse event in April. calendar is REALLY filling up!  :)

And so...being my own boss, while new to me, is both challenging AND fun!  I've been creating new kits, new embellishments, making new friends, and new business relationships.  I've had my dream...come true!

Here's hoping that all of YOUR dreams come true! 


Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

So happy for you!!! can't wait to see whats to come!!!!

guitar_girl714 said...

That's awesome :)

About being your opwn boss, yeah, it IS great, but also a lot of hard work! :)