Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Need A Sign...

...that says "Schimanski General Store."  We've been busy canning...and canning...and canning some more.  I *almost* feel like a squirrel!  :)

Pickles...check.  Sauce...check.

Jams...check.  Fruit...check.  Applesauce...check.
It'll be so nice come the winter time when I can walk downstairs & grab a jar of somethin' tasty!

Then, after all of that, I've re-started my lil' sweatshop in the studio.  Now that things have calmed down, I can get back to my own craftiness.  Here's what I put together today:

Look for crafty-goodness coming soon!  I've got all KINDS of things up my sleeve! 


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Boy, you sure have been busy! How rewarding that must be. I have never canned before but my Mom use to do it all the time. I loved her jelly. Your little flowers and pumpkins are super cute!

HockeyScrap said...

Holy cow. Do you have a cart in your little store? Can I come and shop? Cute stuff.