Thursday, October 15, 2009

When I do it...

...I do it up BIG!!! So, by now I am sure you have all heard that my family & I moved back here to CT. My hubby was offered a job here in CT on a Monday afternoon...we packed up the car with all of our crap, our kid & pup and left Tuesday at 5:30am. We pulled into my mother-in-law's in Bristol at 9:43pm on Friday night and the rest is history! Since then it has been a whirlwind trying to get back in the swing of things but I can tell you it was all worth it! We are so happy to be home!

When you get the chance, stop by'll find me there...right behind the counter...where I always used to be. Lynn & Sue have taken me back & I can't be any happier! Have a great week! :)