Sunday, February 24, 2008


Another weekend, another weekend sick. I had a horrible night sleeping...felt like I was up every 15 minutes with my earache. This morning, I refused to get out of bed & go to church with my family...earache, fever, yuck! My dear dear hubby has taken care of me with homemade turkey noodle soup, cleaning of the house & doing the laundry. He deserves a medal or atleast a kiss on the cheek (thanks honey!)

So, needless to say, I never made it to my class at NESC today. I finally rolled out of bed at about 2:30pm...lingered all day in my jammies until after dinner, then took a shower. Earache is still there. Queenie suggested a heating pad, which I am planning on doing once I get off the computer. Advil doesn't seem to touch the pain...and it radiates down my jaw & into my throat. Fun is...

Despite my woes, I am gearing up for another busy week at work. A very dear friend of mine is very concerned that I have "checked out" of my life since work is so busy for me. I hope she knows that I have listened to her concerns & will try my best to create a more balanced lifestyle. I am using a calendar to schedule myself free time, a set bedtime & a healthy daily menu.

I think I am off to bed for the evening...going to curl up with my heating pad & a magazine. The quietness of the house (now that everyone is in bed sleeping) has been a nice calming effect on me & I might (just might) be able to take a breather. Nite kids!


vanna said...

hope yer feelin' better and all crafty and all that!! =)