Thursday, December 1, 2011

Celebrating What Matters...

...or, as many of you scrappy people call it: the "December Daily."

I started a December Daily.  Last year.  It's still not finished.  Sound familiar?

How about the 2011 challenge I took with a dear friend.  Michelle, I tried to keep up.  I really did.  But I have fallen short of my 365 scrapbook layouts.  So very short. 

And my promise of more blog posts.  But the laundry.  And the picking up and dropping off.  The music lessons and the swim lessons.  The church commitments and the school functions.  Dinners to make and clean up after.  The grocery shopping and the bill writing.

And, on top of it ALL, I have come down with bronchitis.  Again.  Times 5.  Yes.  5 times this year.  I am run down, out of breath (literally), and out of energy.

And yet, I hold onto my dreams.

This week I have put all of this aside to celebrate what matters.  And what matters to me is my family.  My son.  My husband.  My little niece and (now 2) nephews.  My dearest friends.  And of course me.  The only things in my life that truly matter. 

Today, as I celebrate the 25 Days of Christmas, I take time to reflect and refocus what matters most in my life.  I celebrate all that makes my heart sing.  Today, that something is my son.

Merry Christmas to all those near & far.  I wish you the best of holiday seasons...and hope all your dreams come true!