Thursday, December 10, 2009

On the 10th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me...

a few days off from the computer!

"Wait...what is she saying?"  Lemme explain.  Instead of spending days 4, 5, 6...and so on talking and typing, I decided to spend some time doing.'s what we've been up to:

Saturday night we had our 1st real snowfall.  I just love it when it snows at night and everyone has their Christmas lights on.  This is a pic of our house (I took it from across the street.)  Vanessa had to talk me thru how to use my night settings.  It wasn't the kind of night to be setting up a this was the best I could do.

This was the scene from our front door Sunday morning.  Such a beautiful shot with the snow covered trees.  Andrew couldn't wait to get outside and play!

Sunday afternoon Andrew had a puppet performance at one of the local nursing homes.  He belongs to our puppet ministry at is a group of kids headed up by our pastor's wife and they perform Christian holiday songs to our seniors and kids clubs/events throughout the year.  He plays the black faced lamb in the this song.  Check it out!

Monday hubby helped me finish "decking the halls."  We made fudge and pecan turtle treats.  And we had some tv time.

Tuesday I spent the evening working in the studio.  I am making both of my sisters albums for Christmas.  I hope they like them.

Wednesday we had another snow day.  Andrew was home from school so we spent the day in our jammies and made cookies.

These reindeer cookies are made from peanut butter cookie dough and are decorated with pretzels for the antlers, a red M & M for the nose and mini morsels for the eyes. 

Andrew had the best job...decorating the reindeer & licking the spoon!

Today was another busy day here in the Schimanski house.  Tonight Andrew had his Winter Concert at school.  We invited both Grammas to come and watch.  Andrew was selected to perform "Jingle Bell Rock" with a few of the band students and the band teacher.  He did such a great job! 

It still amazes me how talented he is!  And not just becasue I am his mama!!  :)

Stay tuned for the 11th day of Christmas!


Edleen said...

ohh...great photos! how nice to have some snow ;) it's just warm and sunny or wet and rainy here...

Thanks for coming by my blog :) have a great weekend! 2 more weeks to Christmas :D