Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Touchtones..." the printer is broken. And Vanessa is trying to help me fix it. And the radio is playing....and I hear the "touchtones." So I Vanessa..."touchtones". And she continues to work on the printer. And then a few seconds go by...still the printer. Then she picks up the phone. She calls 96.5 fm. And the D.J. answers..."what are you doin?" And she says..."what are YOU doin??" And she wins! WINS! Freakin' Vanessa!

And the printer is still broken.

(But she is giving me the tix...cuz she doesn't like Daughtry.)

So hubby is taking our son to see Daughtry.

Thanks Vanessa! :P


Anonymous said...

i'm a winner. we all know it.

HockeyScrap said...

She might be a winner, but the printer is still broken.