Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello...Is Anyone Out There?

Let's play a game. I love games.

This games means you have to do some work. (Don't won't hurt or take too long...I promise.)

How many of you are out there reading my posts? How often are you checking my blog? Am I one of your favs? If you have your own blog, am I listed on your reading list?

Post a comment here on my blog by Friday, April 3rd (I'll give you till midnight) and I'll choose a winner at random to win a Stampin' Up! stamp set from the new catalog. The post doesn't have to be fancy or long, just a quick hi, maybe a note and perhaps why you would love a stamp set.

See...that didn't hurt, did it? :)


BarefootFairyMum said...

I just found your blog (linked from Fiskateers, I'm 6007). I'll stick around to keep reading! :)

queenvanna said...

i read, i read...

sue said...

so I got up and thought "i am gonna read christy's blog today". it was in my favorites, but i had not read it since 9/28, the day of diane's surgery! i am gonna read a few times a wk, then even if we don't chat, i will know what you are up to (since fb does not seem to be ANYBODY's thing nemore!)
ciao bella!

yori said...

day late...and a dollar short... ;)

owell! maybe this will encourage me to poke around here more often