Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons...

throw them back and yell: "I WANTED CHOCOLATE!"

Despite our wonderful vacation in TX, it was not without heartache.  Just a few days prior to leaving CT, our poor pup Jake was very sick.

I just L.O.V.E. this face!

There was talk of tumors in the throat, internal bleeding, tumors on the spleen, tick-borne illnesses, and, of course, the "C" word.  He was not eating, he was not playing, he was not jumping, he was not begging.  He was not himself.  After many tests, many x-rays, a lot of money, and some strong antibiotics, he started to come around.  Although, there appears to be a mass on his lung region.  Not good...but not what was making him sick...we don't think.  In a word: STRESS for the Mama!

It was an agonizing decision, but we did go ahead with vacation plans and left puppy with Grammy for the week.  And as the week went on, he got better and better.  But this Mama had a hard time relaxing!

Travel home was tense, as it always is.  Rental car return, packing, lay-overs, crappy airport food.  But we got home safe and sound on Friday night.

Saturday was a bit crazy too...unpacking, laundry, food shopping, and getting a Just Scrappin' Happy order packed and ready for NESC.  My tummy was feeling queasy...but by the time I went to bed, I felt ok.

And then...the nail in the coffin:

At 3:30am I woke my husband up with excruciating pain and nausea.  I couldn't walk...I couldn't stand.  A trip to the ER ruled out my gallbladder, but not before TONS of tests, bloodwork, and MAJOR drugs.  Fast-forward to today: I finally feel somewhat better.

I lost some work days with the sick pup.  I lost a week while on vacation.  And I lost 4 days this week.  Boy, am I behind!

I promise to get back on track just as soon as I can.  I'll be emailing and mailing out pkgs tomorrow...and will begin to catch up.  Thanks ever-so-much for your patience.

I leave you with one more photo...from the morning I took a break from the rest of the family and watched the sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico.  As I look at it today, I am reminded to slow down...and take care of myself.  I bid you good evening! 


Angela said...

Hi Christy, I. miss seeing. your cute face at NESC. I don't get there often but always find wonderful new toys. I hope all is well with you and your dog! Take care and keep creating beautiful things.

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